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Lead with your best self.

Our consultation process begins with you! Specifically, meeting you in person as our goal is to learn what makes you great, uncover AND discover your strengths, and what you desire to be. We will spend time learning first-hand about your accomplishments, your professional journey and your definition of career success.

Simply put, you will not have to sell your skill set with a resume from Jamison Perry; organizations will want to buy your skill set. Together, let’s tell the professional story of what makes YOU an exceptional candidate!

"Through my extensive search to find someone to help me write my resume professionally, all I could find were people that wanted me to complete an online form. No one would take the time to meet with me in person. In fact, some of them weren't even local. When I found Katie, I was thrilled! She actually took the time to meet with me face to face to gain a complete understanding of exactly what I did at each of my positions. She asked detailed questions about each position, so she could help me represent myself the best way possible. She had my resume professionally written and returned to me within days. I enjoyed working with Katie very much and would highly recommend her!"

Michelle B.
Overland Park, KS

"In the interview, the Vice President of the company said the introduction paragraph was one of the best she has seen and it really made it easy to understand what I could offer their company. The process they went through to get my resume inline with my career objectives was really empowering and enabled me to stay focused on the right job opportunities for me."

Jason T.
Lenexa, KS

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