Jamison Perry was co-founded in 2015 by Jermaine Jamison and Katie Perry. After working together at a global staffing company, they recognized the need to change the perception of external recruiters and decided to bet on themselves to create that change.  Their goal is to build a recruiting organization devoted to providing a candidate and client experience that displays their passion for helping others, commitment to transparency, dedication to creating long-lasting partnerships while never compromising integrity.

Candidate and Client Experience

Jamison Perry believes in the power of two-way advocacy and maximizing every opportunity, rather big or small, where their candidates and client partners allow them to be a part of their journey.

Jamison Perry values, respects, and appreciates the trust we earn from our candidates and client partners; therefore, an experience that represents our active listening skills, diligence, grace, and humility should be expected and is guaranteed.

As a candidate, if you measure the value of a recruiter based on how quickly you receive an interview request, we are not the right fit.  As a client partner, if desire a mountain of resumes to climb through, Jamison Perry may not be the best partner for your organization.

When candidates and organizations partner with Jamison Perry both will receive a customized experience that is not rushed. We operate at a speed that allows us to offer the first-class candidate experience and client experience we would expect if the roles were reversed.

The Secret Sauce

The Jamison Perry difference will be recognizable seconds after meeting a team member.  We believe every interaction with candidates and potential client partners is significant and meaningful. We will not place every candidate we meet or fill every position we earn the right to support, but we will give every interaction an honest effort, the attention it deserves, and add value to the journey of our candidates and client partners.

While our work is not always easy, we love what we do. The Jamison Perry experience honors the unique requirements of each candidate and client partner.  Our passion is helping candidates achieve their career goals while helping organizations acquire the talent needed to accomplish their business objectives today and in the future.

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