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Contingent Recruiting

Contingent recruiting is an excellent approach that allows an organization to utilize talented people in a capacity that aligns with their business. This might be to address a seasonal increase in workload, a project that requires resources without taking time from full time employees or to work with a candidate that has a specialized skill set that your company can utilize on an as needed basis.

Contingent to Direct Recruiting

This is a great opportunity to ensure you’ve got the best person in a role before they become a part of your team. You can see the person we place in action and assess their overall performance and ability to succeed in your environment. Once you’re positive you have your ideal candidate, you can convert them to be a full time employee within your organization.

Direct Hire Recruiting

When you’re looking for a candidate to fill a strategic role in your organization and need to expand the candidate pool to people already working, a direct hire search gives you that access. We can target exceptional candidates that are excelling in similar roles in like organizations. With your commitment, we can be an extension of your brand and ensure you add the best talent to your team.

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